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Dark Sentinel is back to once again astound us all with an absolutely gorgeous Nephilim render. This time he's recreated the promotional image featuring the spooky Hydra class cruiser as it unloads streams of Manta fighters. We got our first high resolution look at this scene from Mark Vearrier in 2004. At 1600x823, it maxed out everyone's screens at the time and was a popular high end wallpaper. Then we were able to post a white-border 3696x2521 version in 2011 that cranked everything up for 4K background images. Now Dark Sentinel's 5120x2880 creation would really show off the sharpness of a 5K display. And his model's probably a bit too high end to be included in a future Prophecy game engine upgrade any time soon, so this is a great way to enjoy it now!
Let us talk about cruisers.
Or rather, to hell with that, just stop and behold. (no, resistance is not allowed)

Done in slightly over 40k triangles and five texture maps (though two of them are Orca shared details), plus glow and bump for this render. The angle is certainly off, but who cares, since it still looks evil enough, right?

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