Upgraded Corvette Ready For Vision Engine Update ID

Version 0.32B of the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack was just released, but work continues at a rapid pace. The Kilrathi are the next focus, and they're led by the fearsome Corvette. I don't mean that to be facetious - that thing is a tough nut to crack with scary effective gun placement - and DefianceIndustries agrees! We're looking forward to see it looking better than ever in the project's next release.
No rest for the weary! The team is starting on the next batch of assets - Alpha 4 is shaping up to include the rest of the Kilrathi assets (Not-Kamrani corvette, Destroyed Fralthi, Kilrathi Debris field assets), The long-overdue TCS Midway, and Confed space stations. We will likely have a few more Nephilim models as well. We are working to lock down what is realistic for the next release.

To start us off however, here is the new Kilrathi Corvette, the most lethal anti-fighter platform in the game for some reason...

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