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Well before Alexa and Siri, before even Merlin there was... Dani! One of the selling points of Privateer 2: The Darkening was that your ship's computer was voiced by British actress and presenter Dani Behr. Veterans of the Tri-System will surely remember an endless stream of "nice shot, Lev"... but we've extracted the audio and found that there are actually 31 different ship's computer phrases. We've extracted the complete set as WAV files and have it available for download here. At the very least, "incoming e-mail" file is one you can enjoy with your PADD... err, smartphone. Here's the complete list of lines:

ARMOUR1 - "Armour damaged"
ARMOUR2 - "Port armour critical"
ARMOUR3 - "Starboard armour critical"
ARMOUR4 - "Forward armour critical"
ARMOUR5 - "Aft armour critical"
ARRIS5 - "Nice shooting"
ARRIS6 - "Great shot, Lev"
ARRIS8 - "Good hit"
ARRIS9 - "Beautiful shot"
CRSEL2 - "Destination selected"
GUNS1 - "Guns overheating"
MISC2 - "Incoming e-mail"
MISC8 - "Impact"
MISNS1 - "Mission complete"
MISNS2 - "Mission succesful"
MISNS3 - "Mission failed"
MISNS10 - "Payment received"
MISSILE1 - "Missile locked"
MISSILE5 - "Incoming missile"
MISSILE6 - "Warning, incoming missile"
SHIELD1 - "Shields damaged"
SHIELD2 - "Port shield critical"
SHIELD3 - "Starboard shield critical"
SHIELD4 - "Forward shield critical"
SHIELD5 - "Aft shield critical"
SPEC6 - "Tractor beam activated"
SPEC7 - "Tractor beam deactivated"
SPEC10 - "Auto-repair system activated"
SPEC11 - "Auto-repair system deactivated"
TARGET2 - "Target destroyed"
TARGET4 - "Target stored"

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