Wing Commander Academy in Arabic Update ID

Some time ago we reported that Wing Commander Academy had been translated and broadcast on TV in Arabic. Now streaming service Star Dima has the episodes available for viewing online! You can access the series here. Recreation (Episode 8) is not included for some reason, but it is available on YouTube here. We have added copies to the WCNews archive for preservation.

This version of the show is fascinating; the voice work seems to be on point, it has new Arabic language graphics in places and the content has been edited slightly in places; On Both Your Houses, for instance, is noticeably shorter becauses the scene of Archer in her nightgown has been shortened and the scene of Dr. Sing in her bikini is removed entirely. Most interesting of all, however, is the music. It is apparently an original song created for the show! The intro footage is even extended so the entire song can play. An anonymous benefactor was kind enough to translate the lyrics:

Fly Soar
Like an eagle
Growl Roar.. Decimate evil
Fly Soar
You are the toughest
Quenched your thirst from the fountain of courage
The enemy of virtue ..a bully
Tyrannical catastrophic malicious unjustly
Clear sky is now bloody
Maneuver aim
Incinerate the enemy
Roar Growl
So our sky is clear again

You can listen to the song isolated here:

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