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Nomada_Firefox is back to make another big push towards completion of the Wing Commander Mod for Sins of a Solar Empire. The space strategy game has Confed and Kilrathi implemented with growing Nephilim and Border Worlds factions in work. New images released this past weekend show some of the user interface that each side will see. There's also a video from earlier in the year that we missed that shows more of the battleship and star system action in motion. It looks pretty cool!
Time to finish off the mod. Today after some months without work at it, I have continued the work. Much progress today, thousands of text lines edited and many images edited. Customizing the faction icons is not difficult or long, at least if you can save time with some pds created for my other SOASE mod time ago. But to find what you want or you can add is more difficult. The main point here is how there is enough stuff from Kilrathi and Confederation but very very few from the Nephilim. I could easily to create the faction icons for the two first factions but I needed some of imagination with the Nephilim and the point is how at this moment, I have not finished them, if somebody have a idea about a flag, please tell me or show me.

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