Flat Universe Shares Fantastic Music Sample Update ID

There hasn't been a whole lot of Flat Universe info in the news lately, but that's about the change. Here's a very cool audio sample that gives fans a taste of what to expect next. The clip is from project musician Cory Fujimori and fuses some of the best elements of WC1/2 audio into an exciting patrol track. There's everything from the flight deck scramble to a high pressure torpedo run music as well as successful and calming victory notes for the trip home. Listen below (or download 7.6 MB mp3) and stay tuned in the days ahead for more!

Flat Universe: Full Mission

Most of the time, we brag about the visual quality of our project. This morning Cory Fujimori managed to give us another reason to be proud of.

What you are about to hear is how a typical diamond patrol would sound on Flat Universe. Although Cory warned us that this is not finished and that it still needs ironing we'd like to share our morning experience with you.

Just close your eyes...

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