Armada 2 Mod Adds WC's Heavy Cruisers Update ID

The Wing Commander mod for Star Trek Armada 2 continues to make new headway. We reported on its resurgence after a five-year hiatus earlier this year, and Janos Miklos is back with some addition screenshots and news to share. Right now the Confederation and Kilrathi factions are part of a larger mod with a variety of Star Trek races, but the plan is ultimately to streamline the project into a conventional human versus kat setup. You can read all about the mod and download a copy for yourself here.
Hello Wing Commander Team,

I just made new screenshots from my game mod and would be nice to publish these too on your amazing site. I really love Wing Commander and I liked to had the opportunity, back in 2012, to convert that Wing Commander mod from Star Trek Armada 1 to Star Trek Armada 2 using the Fleet Operations game engine.

Right now, the Terran Confederation it's integrated in a new game mod and can be download from here. In a few months [now partially complete], in that game mod will be the Kilrathi race too as a playable race, fighting against the Terran Confederation or other alien space forces.

Wish you all the best,
Janos Miklos

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