Custom Wing Commander Controller Stuns Update ID

djfx has an incredible fan project to share: a custom Wing Commander arcade controller! It's designed to seemlessly play Wing Commander I, II and Privateer... and boy does it look cool! Here's his story, and you can learn more details about the build here.
A while back I had the idea to build an arcade cabinet version of Wing Commander.

After some initial work on the project, I realized I had no place to store such a large gadget in my small house, so I downsized the idea to just the control panel--I can upgrade this to a full cabinet later if I want.

  • Able to play WC, WC2, and Privateer without a keyboard--luckily the control schemes of these games overlap.
  • All controls should be clearly labeled so people can play without instruction
  • "Space arcade" look
Here are the results: there are 32 buttons on the panel (most of them backlit), and a display that describes the button assignments on the flight stick--these can be updated by replacing the printed transparency. Flight stick is a CH fighter stick.

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