Japanese Translators Needed: Mega CD Manual Update ID

Remember Lyle Starbuck? That's the name used for the player character in the Mega CD port of Wing Commander I's manual! It's one of at least three original Japanese-language Wing Commander publications that we'd love to explore further. Like the Super Famicom manual, the Mega CD (the Japanese name for the Sega CD) version is not Claw Marks. Instead, it's a new, full-color booklet that contains much of the same information. Are there new events in the timeline, new background about the Tiger's Claw crew? If you're familiar with Japanese and would be willing to donate your time, please contact us to help the community find out!

Want to take a look at the manual? Even if you can't read it, it still features original Wing Commander art (including a new version of the Vega Sector map and a full-color decoration chart! Pix has scanned the entire manual and it is available for download here at his site.

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