The Saga Continues! Update ID

Crazycanuck has built something very cool: a pack that brings Klavs' Wing Commander I fighter models into the the Wing Commander Saga mod! Here's how to play:

Installation: Place the WC1ships10.vp file in your Wing Commander Saga Root directory (eg: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wing Commander Saga)

How to Use: All the ships should be viewable in the Tech Room. There is also a simple three point patrol mission in the mission simulator. For added fun try flying the mission with different ships which you can select before starting the mission. All the ships work in FRED so feel free to make additional missions and share them with the community.

Known Issues/To Do List:
  • No capital ships yet.
  • The weapon icons do not accuratly reflect the loadout locations on the ships.
  • Placeholder shield icons used for some ships.
  • Pilum FF external model is missing.

You can download the pack here (50 meg zip). Here's a look at the new fighters in action:

The next update will feature the Confederation capital ships. The Drayman, Venture and Exeter are already finished and the Bengal is in progress! Here's a look at what's to come:

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