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It would appear that L.I.F. has elves in the back building these things, as the Homeworld Remastered Mod is being updated with a whole fleet of new ships! The project has begun integrating some of Klavs' amazing Wing Commander models, using a number of them as campaign-exclusives for the upcoming recreation of Operation Backlash! Here's a quick walk through the amazing new additions:

A variety of capital ships relating to the events of End Run are being added to the mod. Last time, we reported that the Snakeir carrier had been added for the Kilrathi. Countering that for the Confederation is the TCS Wolfhound (Bengal-class flagship of Admiral Banbridge), the Exeter destroyer, the Confederation-class Concordia, the TCS Tarawa and the Venture corvette!

The Kilrathi fleet is getting bigger, too! This Sivar-class dreadnaught is not intended for the campaign... but it is pretty cool! It's Klavs' take on a design for the Kilrathi weapon you hunted down in The Secret Missions. The Kilrathi drydocks can be used to represent those attacked at Kilrah during the course of End Run. The Ralari destroyer and the Wing Commander III asteroid base have also been added.

Moving past capital ships, a host of classic Confederation fighter designs have been added, including the Broadsword bomber, Sabre fighter, Hornet, Scimitar and two different takes on the Rapier (one more like the original Rapier II, the other like the Super Wing Commander version.)

The Kilrathi get an impressive fleet of fighters, too! The original Dralthi, Gratha, Hhriss and Jalthi are ready for action. In addition, the Skipper Missile (not pictured) has been added.

The ships aren't the only thing being updated! A new set of icons has already been integrated into the available mod. L.I.F. writes: "The new icon is strongly inspired from the tactical icons showed in Wing Commander Saga's briefings, modified with the new ships as well as with a dedicated space for the statistics of the unit. I think I'll end up going with multiple-view profiles for ships and fighters, like in Wing Commander III's loadout screen."

Finally, a note of apology from the editor: since returning to write for the site I have not had a good handle on current Wing Commander Fan Projects. I will be making a special effort to include all of the incredible work the community is doing going forward and future updates on this and other Fan Projects will be more timely!

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