Mission 5 is Alive! Update ID

It sounds (pun intended) like Wing Commander composed George Oldziey is making great progress on a second album. On Wednesday, he announced that he was starting to orchestrate another piece from Wing Commander IV:

Just starting orchestrating another mission piece from #WingCommander 4! It's a mysterioso work! Can't wait to hear it with orchestra!

Then on Saturday, he tweeted that orchestration was for Mission 5 was done:

Another #WingCommander orchestration in the can for the next orchestra recording! Mission 5 from WC4. Will launch the campaign very soon!

Mr. Oldziey composed the music for Wing Commander III, IV and Prophecy. In 2014, he launched a successful crowd funding campaign to record some of his Wing Commander compositions with a live orchestra for the first time. A second campaign sought to orchestrate and record additional music, but it sadly failed to fund. It sounds like that was only a temporary setback, though, and we will follow and support any future attempt!

You can listen to the original game version of the track here.

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