Secret Ops MUP Playable Alpha Released! Update ID

The first test release for the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack has arrived! This initial version provides a massive graphical overhaul for the game with some major visual enhancements created by DefianceIndustries and Dark Sentinel. This alpha only has fighters and small craft at the moment, but capships and other items will be added in the future. PopsiclePete and Pedro have helped bundle things up nicely with the OpenGL patch so there's a neat installer that contains everything you need to get going. Advanced users can even dig in a bit further and tweak the game's framerate to take advantage of gr1mre4per's higher end Prophecy Unlimited features.

Find the simple instructions to download the game and get playing here. Adm_Maverick has also made this really cool video that shows the original intro and the upgraded introduction side-by-side. It's embedded below, but blow it up to full screen and make sure it's streaming in high definition so you can appreciate the full effect!

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