New Raspberry Pi 3 Meets The DOS Wing Commander Challenge Update ID

CrazySpence is back with great news on the Raspberry Pi 3. A couple years back he had good luck getting WC1&2 to run on one of the first models, but things started fizzling out around Privateer. The new system-on-a-chip is significantly more powerful with its 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core processor, so everyone's been anxious to see what it can do. The video below demonstrates that pretty much the whole DOS WC series can now be emulated smoothly! Privateer, Armada, WC3/4 and P2 all appear to run quite well. A starter kit will only set you back about $35-50, which is crazy when you think about the thousands of dollars each of us spent to meet the hardware requirements back in the '90s! We've come a very long way!
The Wing Commander Series on the Raspberry Pi 3. Pardon the quality but the point is made. The Pi 3 is powerful enough to enjoy the series' DOS games. Using Retropie 3.8 to play the games.

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