Organic Hull Texture Featured On New Devil Ray Models Update ID

Dark Sentinel is back with some more fantastic looking Nephilim renders. He's made a variety of slick looking bug ships this year, but these might be his best output yet. The shimmery detail that emerges with the lighting effects is what puts them over the top. He's got them running in the Homeworld Remastered engine now as a test. You'd hate to see a swarm of these coming at you!
Long story short: yellow sis' exported for use in Homeworld: Remastered. Still requires tweaks, I'm not 100% happy, neither I'm sure about how much wet does it look. Though HWRM lighting produces weird results sometimes.

These are 1024x1024 maps. 2k would be a sort of overkill and the difference won't be that visible anyway.

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