Experience WC1 Voiceovers in Sega CD Video Update ID

World of Longplays has posted a five hour playthrough of Wing Commander for the Sega CD (known as the Mega CD in Japan and Europe). Quite a few people played WC on the Super NES, but the Sega port was far less popular due to the specialized Genesis add-on hardware it required. However, this version of the game has the unique distinction of being the only non-SWC WC1 variant with full speech. Fans have posted samples of what this sounded like before, but this is the most extensive way to experience the audio without owning the game yourself. It also highlights the slightly toned down visuals and new soundtrack. Part 1 of the video is available below and Part 2 is online here.
HCl already has a Sega CD voice extractor in the archive. We're still waiting for someone to figure out how to patch speech into the DOS version! If you can't wait for that and decide the hunt down the originals, don't forget the memory cart!

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Classic Joystick Evokes Hardware Nostalgia

Dennis Mull came across a hardware setup from the mid '90s that's a pretty neat time capsule of the era. The Quickshot "Squadron Commander" QS-202 is a very early example of a Hands-On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS). Lots of joysticks at the time were sold as "compatible with Wing Commander," and this one includes pre-programmed controls for Wing Commander, Wing Commander 3 and Strike Commander. (2018-05-19)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Blank Nut Button


Comparing P2's Ship Seller Before & After

Check out this pre-release screenshot from Privateer 2 that AD discovered and compare it to one from the final game. The UI isn't as developed, ship icons are in color, BUY/SELL is named TRANS-ACT... and all of the ships have different names: JACKAL becomes Straith, FLEA becomes Shaman and MANTIS becomes Icarus. (2018-05-18)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Brace Yourselves X is Coming


WC2 Modding Leads to New Discoveries

Fans continue to do amazing things by digging into the earlier Wing Commander games' code. One of the latest findings has led to the manipulation of the screen transitions between segments of the Wing Commander 2 cutscenes. They've found that there are ten possible ways to wipe the screen and launch the next clip - variants of wiping side to side, diagonally and circular from the middle. (2018-05-17)

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