Extensive New Model Archive Now Available To Fans Update ID

Prolific Wing Commander modeler Klavs81 is taking a much deserved break from new projects for the time being, but he's wrapped up a huge giveaway to tide fans over until he picks up the digital pen again. Over a gigabyte of his slick models are now available to download in both Terran (676 meg zip) and Kilrathi (353 meg zip) flavors. Check out Hangar B or Hangar C for a visual taste of what to expect in each pack. Fans can also follow his Facebook Page to see what sort of non-Wing Commander projects are going on. He does a lot of very cool aviation-themed art on the side!

Dear Wingnuts,

I've got to put Wing Commander plans on hold for the time being as I work three jobs and try and see my family every once in a while. Please follow our continuing work on Facebook at Hangar B Productions, and stay tuned for some aviation related awesomeness. I'll try to drop by the forums from time to time.

I get a lot of requests to share my models, and I usually decline. Mostly, I wanted to get a big enough pack of them together so that any mods or games that wound up using them would have a chance at a consistent art style. Not so much 'realistic' but semi-cartoony in a way that I feel does the early Wing Commander games justice. Given that I have to take a break from these for a while, I felt now was a good time to release them.

Enjoy, and please respect the models and the hideous amount of time I've put into them! You'll find a number of blank textures so you can build your own liveries.

Many thanks to Howard Day for the basis models for the Scimitar and Jalthi, and many many many thanks to the staff and members at wcnews.com for the amazing support and generosity shown over the years.



A similarly extensive pack full of Origin's authentic .3ds models is also available in the CIC archives here.

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