RPG Expands Fan Fiction Links; All Modules Online Again Update ID

capi's Wing Commander RPG has had some ups and downs over the past month, but Elegy of Sivar continues to push towards completion. The project has continued to bulk up its character cast and fleet of ships with select additions from Wing Commander Aces fiction and Saga backstory. Repurposing designs created by other authors over the years speeds up the creative process, and it helps breathe a bit of new life into fan fiction that otherwise would have continued to sit in obscurity. The RPG is also no longer hosting with the Lulu service, but you can grab all of the previously released episodes at the CIC links below.
IN THE DISTANT FUTURE, MANKIND IS LOCKED IN A DEADLY WAR... The Wing Commander Role-Playing Game brings the wonder and grandeur of the ground-breaking video game series to the gaming table. Compiled using information gathered over two decades by fans of the original series, WCRPG has everything you need to create your own adventures in the Wing Commander Universe including.

-A simple, yet flexible character creation system allowing unlimited numbers of possible characters based on eighty unique archetypes and full details on sixteen unique sapient races.

-Full creation rules for characters, vehicles, ships, communities, planets and more.

-Flexible combat rules allowing players to fight with as much detail and complexity as they wish.

-Guidelines on creating adventures, including a list of adventure ideas and procedures for developing plots.

-A compendium and primer to the Wing Commander Universe, including a timeline of events, details on over 200 characters, and a list of lifeforms.

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