New Prophecy/SO Model Exporting Tool Released Update ID

Kevin Cacccamo has released a new version of Blender Commander, a modding tool for Wing Commander Prophecy and Secret Ops. It allows modders to create something in the Blender 3D modeling suite and export it to the Vision engine with less hassle. This is a successor to the OBJ2WCP tool of years past. You can grab a copy here and direct any questions to the CIC Forums.
I've just released another update to the exporter script. Rotation calculations for turret hardpoints have been fixed with a new rotation matrix calculation algorithm, and you can now exclude hardpoints from being exported by hiding them in Blender's viewport.

This project is now on GitHub. Also, I think it needs a new name. :p


Blender Commander

Blender Commander is an exporter script for Blender 2.65+ that allows you to export XMF source code from Blender that can be compiled into a VISION engine (Wing Commander: Prophecy, Wing Commander: Secret Ops) IFF mesh.

This means you'll be able to do most of your work in Blender, and then simply export it to the game without having to pass the model through multiple conversion programs (3D Exploration, peoview, ModelC, etc.).

This project is the successor to OBJ2WCP, a crappy old OBJ converter written noobishly in Java.


  • Allows you to do most of the work on the model in Blender and then export it and compile it without the need to use external utilities to set the collision sphere, radius, or hardpoints.
  • If a texture's filename is numeric, you will be able to convert it straight to a MAT file without renaming it. For example, if you have a texture named 424242.jpg, your model will reference 00424242.mat
  • Converts Blender "empty" objects to hardpoints and other VISION engine mesh metadata.
  • Collision sphere position and radius is automatically calculated
  • LOD mesh support

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