Let's Watch Wing Commander: The Secret Missions Update ID

centaurianmudpig has kicked off a series of video walkthroughs for Wing Commander: The Secret Missions. Each mission in the game has been recorded in 'long play' format with complete commentary. Keeping the audio track in a documentary such as this from being overly repetitive is no easy task, but Mr. mud pig has made the voiceover consistently engaging. It's a fun complement to a great game! Five chapters are already up, and more will be released soon. Check out the complete playlist here, and let CMP know what you think at the CIC Forums. If you missed it earlier, he's already made a complete video review of the original Wing Commander here.
It's been a while since I did an LP with Wing Commander, but now I'm back! With audio commentary!! Now you get to listen to my marvellous voice as I hash my way through the Thor's Hammer campaign. I have 4 video's up at time of writing, with the 5th uploading as I type. The LP will be finished by the end of next week (N.B. All videos for the series are complete, I'm just pacing it out). Please give feedback, other than on my accent, of course! If there is enough interest I will go forth in to Secret Missions 2 Crusade, nah, J/K, will probably do it any way! Seriously though, I would like feedback to know what the WC community likes/want's! Oh and no annoying ads for these, yippee!

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Just kidding. Today actually marks fifteen years of continuous daily WC news updates. The last day we missed was May 25, 2003, short of the occasional technical issue that may have slightly delayed the daily news a bit. (2018-05-26)

Games that Rock: Wing Commander 3

Nerds that Geek has posted a quick flashback on the majesty of Wing Commander 3. The article's not long, but it captures the essence of what made The Heart of the Tiger great. The author credits the game for kickstarting FMV and next-level storytelling in games without compromising on the gameplay. (2018-05-25)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Who Would Win?


Wing Commander Movie Model Rundown

Atherin has been busy recreating nearly every ship in the Wing Commander film using SketchUp. There's really not much missing - we don't see the Kilrathi Concom, Diligent or some of the small background items, but just about all of the other major stuff is there. It's a pretty nice lineup! (2018-05-24)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: It's Not Going To Happen

That's what we've been saying all along! (2018-05-24)

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