One For The Confederation's Archives Update ID

GOG usually does a really good job of taking their own screenshots for new games added to their site. In order to preserve the nice ones they've grabbed for Wing Commander Academy, we've saved their lineup below. We've also mirrored their descriptive text for posterity. Last, but not least, we forgot to mention that GOG's 'original release date' posted on WCA's product page is correct. The game first shipped on August 27, 1993, which makes Tuesday's re-release especially remarkable - it was the game's actual 20th birthday! What a perfect way to commemorate it! Somebody really likes the Wraith!
What's cool about it:

  • Take on the challenge of the Gauntlet, a daunting dogfight marathon with 15 progressively difficult levels of attacking ships.
  • Fly with some of the most famous wingmen of the Wing Commander universe: Hobbes, Angel, and Maniac.
  • A robust mission builder gives you the power to create your own missions that will challenge your skill as a pilot.


We want YOU!

The Kilrathi are relentless in their assaults against the Confederation and we need more pilots. Not just any pilots, however, but the best of the best. You'll train in our top of the line CyberNet combat simulator. It's not just the art of combat that you'll be learning but also how to pilot every craft the Confederation has to offer. Join us at the TCSN Academy and reach for the stars!

Wing Commander: Academy lets you experience first-hand the rigorous training of a Confederation pilot. Create your own missions with every scenario imaginable or jump into the fray with an infinite amount of randomly generated missions. Learn how to handle a slew of Confederation fighters and take your chances in the Gauntlet, a grueling 15 level marathon that will test your mettle against increasingly challenging opponents.

What Do The People Want? Update ID

Now that Academy has made its debut, what's next in store for classic Wing Commander rereleases? We asked that question earlier this year, and the results are below. Privateer 2 seems to have the most demand, but Wing Commander Prophecy isn't far behind. Armada trails a bit in third, but it's at the top of my personal wish list right now! Whichever it ends up being, Wingnuts win!

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