Last Line of Defense Adds Another Flattop Update ID

Deathsnake has added another ship to the Last Line of Defense mod, the Bengal class carrier TCS Wolfhound. This particular model was originally built by Scooby. There's some gorgeous side-by-side shots that show the new design next to the Confederation and Concordia class heavies, and they've even included a shot of the elaborate interior flight deck. It sounds like we'll also be seeing these ships crop up in LLOD's sister campaign, Enigma 2666.
The hangar bay has 4 fighter bays, 4 doors to the lower storage hangar, 2 big doors to the Broadsword hangar. They're too big to launch from the tubes, so they start from the landing deck. 2 elevators (markings) to the lower hangar/launchtubes. 10 launchtubes (5 each side)

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