Wing Commander II: The Sequel Without Equal Update ID

Forums member Falcon988 spotted a review of Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi in the November '91 issue of Computer Gaming World. The overwhelmingly positive review concludes with the author's ideas and hopes for future sequels, a lot of which actually made into Wing 3 and Wing 4. Well worth a read.
Wing Commander II is a big program. Really big. Starting with requiring a minimum of 583K of free RAM (more for those using EGA-level graphics) just to get the game to run, one must add another half a meg of expanded memory to get in all the "optional" goodies like the speech buffer (64K), VCR replay buffer (64K), cockpit animations, etc. Of course, the copious "free space" on one's hard disk is the next target. Without the speech module and keeping all the files compressed, there goes 10MB of disk space. Uncompress the files to save time during game play, and there goes 15MB of disk space. The voice module? Add another 6MB of disk space! Thus, when "maxxed out," say good-bye to about 21MB of the hard drive! No wonder a special blue sheet is included in the game box from with a note from Robert Garriott [sic] beseeching players to invest in CD-ROM!
This issue of CGW is a 10th anniversary issue with a long spread on the history of computer games (mentioning Richard Garriott and Chris Roberts) and game of the year awards (praising Ultima 7: Savage Empire). Other highlights include Cardinal of the Kremlin and Leisure Suit Larry 5. Check it out here. Update made possible by the excellent CGW Museum.

Observing a Blueshift: Wing Commander Incoming! Update ID has joined other retailers in pre-shipping Wing Commander for Blu-ray. Theirs are scheduled to arrived first, on Tuesday 8/6, but some lucky Wingnuts could even get theirs today. Has anyone's copy arrived yet?

In the US, prices have been competitively whittled down to about $13, but the Canadian numbers are even better. Worf pointed out that Best Buy has lowered their price to $9.99 with a limited time 10% discount. has gone even further and is now just $8.99. What a deal!

Recent Updates

Spanish Special Operations are Extra Special

After seeing the Spanish WC2 that Christian Klein recently acquired, the next natural question was whether DROSoft had also localized the Special Operations. The answer is yes, and it comes in an awesome double pack just like the Spanish Secret Missions! Both are in the same box with the game summaries translated side-by-side on the rear of the packaging. (2018-06-20)

Join The Terran Confederation Space Force!

FekLeyrTarg has released his mini Wing Commander fan film. It takes the form of a recruiting commercial that could be used during the Kilrathi War. There's a nice mix of assets here from a Privateer-style building to Sabre fighters to the hefty Rigakh class cruiser. (2018-06-19)

WCSO Model Upgrade Pack Adds Comm Relay Station

DefianceIndustries has completed the first large scale base for the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. This is a cool design, and the tiny little flight deck is a nice touch. In addition to making it much more detailed and gorgeous to look at, he's also significantly amped up the destroyability. (2018-06-18)

Happy Father's Day

Many countries celebrate Father's Day today, and we know a lot of Wing Commander fans have recently become dads out there. My little one just turned 16 months old, and I'm happy to that see she grabs a controller and starts pushing buttons whenever she gets a chance.The CIC is more of a news site than a blog, but it's also a community hub more than anything, and it feels right to share this personal story with the community. (2018-06-17)

The Attack Begins... Soon

There's tons of great Wing Commander fan projects out there, but it's not every day that we get a teaser for a new one. FekLeyrTarg has had a hand in quite a few different endeavors over the years, and his latest will be a new short fan film. Projects like these have been proposed a number of times over the years, but we haven't seen very many come to fruition. (2018-06-16)

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