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Klavs has pioneered some fantastic models that can be 3D printed in sizes as large as 4-6 inches. This is already much larger than the 1-2 inch miniature designs that were the only ships possible a few years ago, and anything much bigger gets exponentially more expensive. The limits of technology, cost or imagination has never stopped a dedicated Wingnut however, and Arrow aficionado Rylex wanted to push the envelope even further! The result is this one-of-a-kind F-27. Klavs describes the details below, but it has to be seen to be believed!
Hey guys, Rylex has very graciously and bravely trusted me to produce a 1/72 Armada Style F-27 Arrow for him. The model will have lighted engines and cockpit, a full set of custom decals, as well as a complete cockpit.

Right now the model is just shy of 10 inches and there are more detailed parts coming along. I've been sanding down the already pretty smooth exterior and prepping the model for its base coat.

I've designed the cockpit insert so that it can hopefully provide both red cockpit lighting, and back lighting to the (Arena era) instrument panel. Wiring things today, and the engines light up great so far! Really happy with the little pilot, too. You should be able to see things better once I get things painted, right now it just looks like wonder woman's jet!

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