A Defiant Few: The Dam Breaks Update ID

The first chapter of Wing Commander: A Defiant Few has been released! Part 1, "The Dam Breaks," takes place near Perry Naval Base in 2683 in the aftermath of the initial Nephilim incursions. It begins with Admiral Sandra Goodin as a new invasion pours into Gemini Sector. The voice actors do a surprisingly good job of drawing the listeners into the Wing Commander universe, and nice touches with the background music/sound effects further add to the immersion. You can listen to the YouTube below or download an mp3 here.
First of hopefully many episodes of a new Wing Commander themed audio drama.

The ever uneasy peace of Gemini sector is destroyed when an insectoid alien race known as the Nephilim begin a full scale invasion, with their first target being Perry Naval Base. It is left to Admiral Sandra Goodin and the piecemeal forces at her command to stop the considerably larger alien armada and safeguard the lives of the millions of civilians in Gemini.

My thanks, once again, to my team for their commitment and hard work. My thanks as well to cast and audience alike for their patience. There've been no end of gremlins to fish out of the wiring in the early days, but hopefully future episodes shouldn't take nearly as long to get finished.

P.S. A warning to headphone users, there are some loud moments.

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