Easter Eggs Abound in Squadron 42 Trailer Update ID

Wingnuts have been going over the new Squadron 42 movie with a fine toothed comb, and they've found some interesting Wing Commander references! Among the first items that fans spotted was a Kilrathi radar screen symbol, but even more are highlighted below.

The video starts with a text overlay that establishes the setting as the Kurasawa System, home of WC1's grueling Ralari Defense mission. The carrier we see is the same class as the Tiger's Claw, and its name is in honor of the famous Origin artist. Takeoff down the Paul Steed's flight deck also mirrors launch down the Claw's tubes.

The bridge is full of nifty Easter eggs! For starters, the crew's uniforms are straight out of WC4, down to the "Terran Confederation - Unified Space Command" shoulder patches. The display globe includes fun references such as a Confed star logo, pilots Maverick & Deveraux in Alpha Wing, an item denoted as "Black Lance," mention of WC1's 09/26/90 ship date and a debriefing with Colonel Roberts.

In the cockpit, the game's iconic Terran ship is described as the Hornet Light Fighter on the center console. Upon exit, the forward fuselage is very similarly shaped to the Hornet from WC1, and its canopy articulates in a similar way.

Last, but not least, the Squadron 42 logo is a flipped tribute to the classic WC logo!

Thanks to Zeether for snapping some of these shots! What else have you found!? Check out what other similarities people have found at the CIC Forums and please share your own discoveries!

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