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We'd like to extend a big Happy Birthday to Wing Commander editing master and archaeologist, HCl! Over the years, HCl has worked tirelessly to produce some of the greatest WC enhancements and editing tools. Given it is his birthday, we thought what better way to celebrate than by showing off some of his greatest accomplishments!

One has to start with the obvious, HCl's Wing Commander Editing Site. Here Wingnuts can access all of HCl's utilities, patches, enhancements, hacks, and so forth. If you are curious about the guts of the Wing Commander products, this has to be your first stop.

Wing Commander 4 on GOG: HCl, heading the work for the Maniac Team, was able to include the higher resolution DVD movies along with a number of other things.

Wing Commander 3: From his movie extractor to player all of his must have utilities can be found here. AD and HCl also extracted the PSX WC3 videos, which because of compression differences look a bit better than the original PC videos. You can find the player and down the videos here.

Wing Commander Privateer: A bunch of cool utilities that many might have overlooked for Privateer and Righteous Fire can be found here.

Wing Commander Prophecy: HCl's Prophecy Enhancement Package allows Wingnuts to run WCP in high resolution, adds online multiplayer, allows DVD quality videos to be patched in and fixes bugs that were part of the original game.

Be sure to grab the excellent Open GL Enhancement for WCP and WCSO.

HCl's did quite a bit of research into the original Wing Commander. Be sure to check them out here. You'll find a ship viewer and explanations of exactly how WC1 ship files work.

Not only has HCl worked his magic on official Wing Commander products, he's also lent his talents to the two premier Wing Commander mods: Wing Commander: Standoff and Wing Commander Saga. HCl worked on both the Vision and FS2 engines for both teams as each sought to push their engine's envelope.

Sometimes you can even see the amazingly crazy genius that is HCl at work before your own eyes. We highlighted these threads because they are so incredible. I'm not exactly sure what's going on except to know that it is pretty awesome. It's looking at different aspects of Privateer 2. Check out for yourself here and here. The second link even involves HCl figuring out some Priv2 data longhand with pen and paper!

So, Happy Birthday HCl! From the entire Wing Commander community!

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