The Music of Wing Commander II Update ID

Wing Commander II also featured an amazing Fatman/Govett soundtrack, with both variations on the original music and a host of new pieces. Especially haunting is Jazz's upbeat piano performance! These mp3s also come from the FM Towns version, although they aren't the fancier MT-32 versions:
Wing Commander II FM Towns
1. Start Tuning
2. Missile Tracking You
3. You're Severly Damaged-Flounder
4. Intense Combat
5. Your Wingman's Been Hit
6. Overall Victory
7. Overall Defeat
8. Returning Defeated
9. Returning Normal
10. Returning Triumphant
11. Track
12. Goal Line-Defending the Claw
13. Strike Mission-Go Get 'Em
14. Grim or Escort Mission
15. Flying to Dogfight
16. Regular Combat
17. Scramble Through Launch
19. Landing
19. Track
20. Track
21. Funeral
22. Landing Music
23. Jazz's Escape
24. Topedo Lock Music
25. The Bridge
26. Angel Devereaux
27. Poker
28. The Flight Deck
29. In-Mission Jump
30. Off Duty
31. Upbeat O-Deck
32. Jazz's Storm Clouds
33. Neutral O-Deck
34. Midgames
35. Main Theme
36. Inflight Combat
37. Duel With Jazz
38. Duel With Thrakhath
39. Prince Thrakhat's Theme
40. Victory Music
41. Depressing Barracks
42. Main Theme - Cloak and Dagger

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