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The third part of the G4 Wing Commander retrospective is now available and it contains some very exciting news--Chris Roberts is ready to come back to gaming and he wants to do a new Wing Commander! Let's get this in production, EA!
"I definitely want to do another Wing Commander, and I have a very specific vision for it," Roberts said. "I’m looking at the games being made now and I go 'Yeah, they're really cool, and there's some really great stuff,' but I think I could come back and push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling again. I'm looking at some of the stuff that's been done and it's sort of, in my eyes anyway, falling short, and it's not because of the technology. It's falling short because of how it's been done."

"I made Wing Commander because it was the game I wanted to play," Roberts told me. “I didn't make Wing Commander because I said 'Oh, this is something that's going to sell a lot of units,' or 'there's a gap in the marketplace,' it was just ‘I want this experience.’ The time where I could feel like I'm ready to engage in something is always when I have a personal feeling that 'Okay, I want to go and make a game that gives me this experience.' I feel re-energized, and I think I can come back... and push forward parts of the industry in terms of narrative and cinematic storytelling."

Just yesterday we spoke to Richard Garriott, who praised Chris Roberts' ability to simply sit down and envision an amazing game. It really sounds like he had something new and spectacular in mind. You can read the full interview here.

The Article We Deserve Update ID

Just in time for our anniversary, G4 is running a three-part history of the Wing Commander series this week! It's one of the best articles I've seen--a serious, professionally researched history with comments from series creator Chris Roberts! Part one is available here and part two is here. The third part, an interview with Chris Roberts, should be posted later today.

Wing Commander’s revolutionary approach to narrative presentation helped pave the way to the modern video game industry, and its design continues to influence game development to the present day. In order to help us celebrate the legacy of this famed franchise, creator Chris Roberts granted us his first games-related interview in over a decade. G4 is proud to present: The History of Wing Commander.

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This one's for mobile smartphone users: our exciting new CIC Forum upgrade works with Forum Runner, but users will need to remove their old bookmark and readd the CIC Forums at their new location. The forums do work fine on most cell phone browsers, but many posters prefer the mobile app. FR Free is a demo version of the program that lets you test out which you prefer. Full versions of the Android and iOS software runs $2.

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