Privateer Day: Wall of Honor Update ID

Here's a very important update we often forget--the credits for Privateer and its related games. These are the people responsible for giving us thousands of hours of entertainment--we don't want to forget who they are. (Note that we have been completey unable to find the creits for the original Privateer speech pack--if you have a copy, please pass them along!)
Privateer Credits
Original Concept - Joel Manners, Chris Roberts
Lead Design - Joel Manners
Design - Tom Kassebaum, Anthony Nichols, Phil Wattenbarger
Lead Programming - Ed Maurer
Programming - Charles Cafrelli, Reinaldo Castro, Richard Dean Johnson, Arthur DiBianca, Edwin Herrell, Alex Jen, Jeff Wilson
Graphics / Artwork - Chris Douglas, Robert Frye, Beverly Garland, Danny Garrett, Craig Halverson, Jake Rodgers, Brian Smith
Music - Laura Barratt, Marc Schaefgen, Nenad Vugrinec
Sound - Randy Buck, John Tipton
Executive Producer - Chris Roberts
Producer - R. Scott Russo
Associate Producer - Erin Roberts
Writing / Dialogue / Story - G P Austin
Playtesting - Bill LaCoste, Starr Long, Dan Orzulak, Tobin Shelton, Dee R. Starns, Perry Stokes, Todd Wachhaus
Special Thanks To - Whitney Ayres, Bill Baldwin, Paul Isaac, David Lawell, Aaron Martin, John Miles, Alan Perez, Kevin Potter, Zachary Booth Simpson, Suzanne Taylor, Jeff Wand, Jason Yenawine

Righteous Fire Credits
Project Leader - Arthur DiBianca
Game Concept - Phil Wattenbarger
Programming - Arthur DiBianca
Design - Tom Kassebaum, Phil Wattenbarger
Conversations - Arthur DiBianca, Phil Wattenbarger
Art - Melinda Bordelon, Alan Perez, Brian Smith
Music - Barry Leitch
Quality Assurance Leader - Dan Orzulak
Quality Assurance Team - Charles Angel, Jerrold Harrington, Kevin Kushner
Graphic Design - Trey Hermann
Documentation - Arthur DiBianca, Tuesday Frase, Melissa Mead
Producer - Warren Spector
Special Thanks - Ed Maurer

Privateer CD Credits
Project Leader - Arthur DiBianca
Programming - Arthur DiBianca
Voice Direction & Recording - Randy Buck, Arthur DiBianca, Scott Hazle, Phil Wattenbarger
Voice Processing - Randy Buck, Britt Daniel, Stretch Williams
Additional Voice Processing - Arthur DiBianca, Scott Hazle, Phil Wattenbarger
Voice Talent - Kerry Awn, Marten Davies, Arthur DiBianca, Annie Greenwood, Lucinda Hinton, Bill Johnson, Colum Keating, Ev Lunning, John Meadows, Diane Perella, Marco Perella, Toni Perensky, Don Phillips, Shannon Sedgewick, Michael Stewart, Ron Tatar, Kirk Winterrowd
Quality Assurance Leader - Jeremy Mappus
Quality Assurance Team - Evan Brandt, Don Derouen, Mark Franz, Bill LaCoste, Dan Orzulak, Harvey Smith, Brian Wachhaus
Graphic Design - Jennifer Davis
Documentation - Melissa Mead
Producer - Warren Spector

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