Privateer Day: The Canonical Editors Update ID

Lets step back into pre-history for a moment. From the very first moments that man stared up at the stars, he dreamed of editing Privateer in various ways. And even without high powered computers, access to developer informtion or a world wide web to share information across, early man managed to fashion these tools in a near-vacuum. Three Privateer editing tools were created and spread across the pre-internet landscape of BBSes and services like Prodigy and Compuserv. And today, these simple tools are just as useful as they were way back then.
  • PREASY - A Privateer 'trainer' for adding money to your savegames.
  • PREDIT - A detailed save game editor which allows you to change money, ship, location and more.
  • PRSHIP - A deceptively simple ship editor that's difficult to use but essential once you master it.

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