iPad Gets High Definition Wing Commander Update ID

There's great news for Apple iPad owners! The Wing Commander Movie has been available for streaming or download on many different platforms, but it's now available in high definition for the first time on the iPad. Although there have been a number of broadcasts of the movie in higher resolutions, this is the first time an HD version has been available for direct payment. It's not a perfect solution however, since it's currently only available to rent, and the iPad is limited to 1024x768 pixels. Make sure you grab the 3 gigabyte version, and not the 1.15 standard def edition. The older copy is also available on the PSP, PS3, XBox 360, Zune, via Amazon.com and more, so hopefully we'll see the HD version spread around more widely. Everything's coming out on Blu-ray eventually too, right? Here's some delicious screenshots.

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