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    wccic Bye, bye, blue sky...
    6:00 PM Apr 2nd

    wccic Good morning, WingNuts!
    7:00 AM Apr 2nd

    wccic JEMM Unloaded
    11:00 PM Apr 1st

    wccic While you sleep, they'll be waiting...
    10:30 PM Apr 1st

    wccic Stop that! You scare my chickens!
    10:00 PM Apr 1st

    wccic At the hair salon. What color should I get?!? I'm thinking blue!!!
    7:00 PM Apr 1st

    PopsPete Check this tweet for an exclusive preview of Unknown Enemy 2 later tonight ! It's gonna rock ! Dragons upgraded with PTC ! Kickass action !
    3:03 PM Apr 1st

    wccic What's your favorite alien race mentioned in passing in a Wing Commander novel? For me it's a tossup between Sorn and Gorth.
    2:41 PM Apr 1st

    wccic ARGH! My Divx player won't dial in to Circuit City, I can't watch the fullscreen version of Wing Commander!
    1:58 PM Apr 1st

    wccic @cgmaxx Haven't played No Gravity, but will check it out--I keep that PSP charged for Wing Commander IV, though!
    12:57 PM Apr 1st

    wccic Ever wonder what the ejector mechanism on a Strakha looks like? Yeah, me neither.
    12:35 PM Apr 1st

    wccic Burger King won't cut a wedge out of my burger so it looks like a Dralthi. Have it your way my ass.
    11:26 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Privateer Craft Corner: this Easter, dye a Steltek Drone egg black with green spots. Then trade someone a gun to turn it into a deviled egg.
    10:56 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Why are there fake drugs in Wing Commander, anyway? Does cocaine just stop working at some point in the next 600 years?
    10:45 AM Apr 1st

    wccic There are bugs all up in H'hrass!
    10:42 AM Apr 1st

    wccic The trick to naming Wing Commander 2 Kilrathi ships is to say the original names while coughing. Jalthi->JALKEHI. Dralthi->DRAKRHI.
    10:41 AM Apr 1st

    wccic A lot of people ask us how Privateer 2 fits into the Wing Commander universe--but then they don't like the elaborate four hour presentation.
    10:36 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Wow, nine followers! Ashton Kutcher must be spinning in his grave. Can we make it to TEN? Everyone gets a Darket!
    10:34 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Here's a helpful tip for remembering whether it's a hyphen or an apostrophe in "Kor-Larh": it's a hyphen, moron.
    10:33 AM Apr 1st

    wccic What's the most Wing Commander thing you can do with your new iPad? Read the Secret Ops fiction in bed.
    10:27 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Need tech support for a Wing Commander game? The best solution is to visit #WingNut and ask anyone idle about your problem over and over.
    9:31 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Does a spaceship from a TV show look kind like a second-tier ship no one remembers from Wing Commander? The CIC will be there.
    9:27 AM Apr 1st

    wccic HEY @EA -- the Wing Commander community says with one voice: we want you to bring back 'CyberMage: Darklight Awakening'.
    8:52 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Are you enjoying the stunning visuals of the Origin FX screensaver? Then you have a medical condition and should seek treatment immediately.
    8:45 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Another WCNews shout-out to our peeps Miley, Selena and Dr. William Forstchen!
    8:43 AM Apr 1st

    wccic The new Hhriss fighters offer much improved Lumbari support.
    8:40 AM Apr 1st

    wccic I feel that most art produced in the last 15 years just doesn't have enough tiny pieces of chrome foil laid over it for no reason.
    8:07 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Hey @OfficialLoU, those whiney Ultima fans don't deserve a cool weird spinoff. Wing Commander! Wing Commander! Wing Commander!
    8:05 AM Apr 1st

    wccic #FollowFriday @LancedDotNet @FLVault @ATalentForWar @TheLancersReactor
    8:04 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Anybody ever notice that the mountains on Ghorah Khar look an awful lot like the ones on Niven?
    7:57 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Why didn't they release a Privateer 3? Because after The Darkening everything goes black!
    7:45 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Celebrate Easter with Super Wing Commander, which replaces Kilrathi transports with colorful eggs:
    7:44 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Possible names for future Wing Commander spinoffs: Armageddon, Alliance, Attack, Aftermath, Aardvark.
    7:10 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Ever notice how the Longbow looks just like the X-Wing? Oh, it doesn't? Somebody tell that to the Usenet in 1994, please.
    7:04 AM Apr 1st

    wccic How are Akkbar and the Epee light attack fighter alike? They both suck! HAH! Also, deceptively useless particle cannons.
    6:59 AM Apr 1st

    wccic RT this comment to win a copy of the Wing Commander Prophecy soundtrack on casette!
    6:58 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Like a pair of busted wing flaps? Why do space fighters have flaps?
    6:56 AM Apr 1st

    wccic The Acronym Police are coming for you, WarCraft 3.
    6:52 AM Apr 1st

    wccic What do Raptor heavy fighters and Bruce Boxleitner both need? New TRON guns!
    6:33 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Check out this great URL shortening utility:
    6:32 AM Apr 1st

    wccic How does one carrier constitute a Wing Commander Armada?
    6:17 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Awww. :(
    6:12 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Oh no, Dralthi on my tail! I'll dive to escape.
    6:12 AM Apr 1st

    wccic #NowPlaying Wing Commander Arena
    6:11 AM Apr 1st


    wccic #dontyouhateitwhen No one believes you saw stealth fighters!
    5:57 AM Apr 1st

    wccic FS: Orion gunship. 2 gun slots. 75k credits. Im tlling u, u want 2 buy 1 Orion.
    5:14 AM Apr 1st

    wccic I just became the mayor of The Sinner's Inn on @foursquare!
    5:10 AM Apr 1st

    4:58 AM Apr 1st

    wccic PLEASE RT @banditloaf FreeSpace 2 sucks.
    4:50 AM Apr 1st

    wccic #followfriday @shithalcyonsays
    4:46 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Justin Bieber will always be @LeHah to me.
    4:35 AM Apr 1st

    wccic ARGH! SHUTTLE! #ragequit
    4:25 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Another one!
    4:25 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Dammit, another one.
    4:25 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Dammit, another one jumped in.
    4:22 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Just one more pirate and I can jump to the next nav point...
    4:21 AM Apr 1st

    wccic #nowplaying Privateer 2: The Darkening
    4:19 AM Apr 1st

    wccic Good morning! Thanks to Twitter, WCNews is now streamlined and ready for the 21st century.
    4:11 AM Apr 1st

    chrisreid I went to a huge book store and found a Wing Commander book!!!

    April 1, 2010, 07:30 EST

    banditloaf A submarine movie Sonar scene in space?! Way to ruin Star Wars' previously unassailable credibility, Clone Wars.
    April 1, 2010, 02:00 EST

    chrisreid is this thing on???
    April 1, 2010, 01:30 EST

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