Standoff Seasoned with WC3 Ships Update ID

-danr- wanted to try something new with Standoff, and his results are pretty neat. He's sprinkled in a mix of familiar ships from Wing Commander 3 to give the game a more varied look. Seeing some of these craft together at the same time might seem odd at first, but it's definitely interesting to think about how these ships coexisted and interacted with each other in the timeline. Somewhere there were flights of Thunderbolts and Rapiers taking on pairs of Ralathas and Kamranis, and the pictures below bring that to life. dan is still working to improve the look of this mod conversion, and your feedback is appreciated.
So, with absolutely no intention of insulting the brilliance of the project that is Standoff, I decided to throw in some WC3 ships in the spirit of making things feel a little more '2669'...

With a little education from reading old threads on this board, I've found its quite straight forward to use TREman, and then switch ship IFF, MESH and MAT files.

I made the following changes:

Gladius --> Now Thunderbolt (the mesh from SO)
Kamekh --> Now Kamrani
Stilletto --> Now WC3 Arrow (mesh downloaded from the CIC)
Drakhri --> Now Dralthi 3
Gothri --> Now Vaktoth
Pirate Talon --> Now Scimitar (Thanks to the UE model)

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