New Ascii Sector Adds Achievement System Update ID

Chris Knudsen has released version 0.4.7 of the amazing Privateer: Ascii Sector. Apart from the usual improvements and bug fixes, this release adds some cool new features. The most prominent addition is an achievement system for completing quests, similar to that on the Xbox 360. Ascii Sector is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • Added quest achievements. When you complete a quest, an achievement describing what you did will be added to the Achievements section under Stats in your Quine5000 (if the quest author has added an achievement to his quest).
  • Added quest requirement. If used in a quest, the player can't play the quest if he hasn't completed the required quest.
  • Fixed bug that would crash the game when entering the quest menu if you're playing a new game (not a loaded game).
  • Fixed bug that caused time not to pass for some events when using the autopilot (mainly the simulation of production and consumption of commodities as well as the commodity affecting events - which resulted in these events being active for way too long and not happening often enough).
  • Fixed bug with characters trying to get an object on the ground even though somebody is standing there.
  • Allowed character dialogues in quests to use the STEP feature used in ship dialogues. This can give the player up to five different reply options and more branching dialogue than just Accept/Reject.
  • Added a GOTO feature in quest dialogues to allow an immediate "jump" to another step without having to wait for the player to choose a reply.
  • Added quest ship settings: Armor, ECM, Guns, GunBoosts, GunCoolers, Missiles, Experience, Morale, Shields, X and Y positions in space.
  • Added quest character settings: Health, Equipment, CriticalWounds, Order, OrderTarget, Precision, Speed, Strength, Template.
  • Added quest trigger events: AreaEntered, CargoBought, CargoSold, CargoInHold, CharacterBlinded, CharacterHitByPlayer, CharacterKilledByPlayer, CharacterOrderCompleted, CharacterStunned, Credits, ItemAcquired, ItemLost.
  • Added quest trigger results: ChangeCharacterOrder, ChangeCharacterOrderTarget, CreateCharacter, RemoveCargo, CreateItem, GiveItem, PlaceItemOnBase, RemoveItem, RenameItem and RemoveCredits.
  • Made some changes to the "Kilrathi Hunt" example quest to use some of these new quest features.
  • When a fixer or wingman has left his chair due to a fight breaking out, he will now stay inside the bar and will in time sit down again when the fight is over.

Making the Game: Attaboys Update ID

What's an "attaboy"? It refers to the 'landing' scenes found in Wing Commander 1, 2 and 3 - where a crewman or crewmen welcome you back home and comment on your mission performance and/or damage taken. Remember how surprising it was the first time the entire Victory crew appeared to welcome you home in Heart of the Tiger? And then how odd it was that it happened over and over? This is the Prophecy team's plan to change that!

These updates are thanks to John "Captain Johnny" Guentzel, who provided several CD image archives of material used by the Wing Commander Prophecy development team!

Download (19 kb)

Date: March 25, 1997
Project: Wing Commander Prophecy
Donated By: John Guentzel
Pages: 1

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