Beautiful Japanese Artwork Magnified Update ID

Yesterday we mentioned the FM Towns inspiration for Howard's Ralari, but the image in the update we linked to dates back to 2002. That might seem just like yesterday, but our graphical standards have changed a little since then. We've always tried to post as a high a resolution as feasible, so here's a big boost. This is a high res scan of the manual instead of the box cover, so there is less text over the image. Even if our main image was on the smaller side back then, I'm happy to see that the associated FM Towns map scan is a impressive 2400x3300 pixels. They probably thought we were crazy for that one in 2002, but that was before 2560x1600 monitors.

Low Res - High Res
Wing Commander (1) for the FM Towns: the FM Towns was a Japanese computer produced by Fujitsu throughout the first half of the 90s. The system is best known for the high numer of X-rated anime games produced for it... but it was also one of the first personal computers to feature a CD-ROM drive. As such, it had some amazing ports of popular early-90s games, including several Ultimas, several LucasArts adventures and... Wing Commander. So what's so special about this edition?
  • Partial speech: all the in-flight comms are spoken (in Japanese).
  • The original Universe Map: a nifty fold-out plastic road-map of the Vega Sector is included.
  • Soundtrack: The game disc doubles as a music CD, with 40-odd high quality tracks that will play in a normal CD player.
  • Cool new box art: Confed fighters attack a Fralthi... and Blair's flight suit looks eerily like those that later appeared in the movie.

Recent Updates

Large Cruiser's Engine Section Takes Shape

Adm_Maverick has shared a few more images of his cool papercraft Tallahassee cruiser. His new version is significant bigger than the original, and these new photos provide a good comparison to show off the scale. It might not look like much yet, but the structure that exist has pretty good geometry. (2018-07-22)

It's Not Faith, It's Space Combat

Fans of the Wing Commander Movie's large battles and CGI now have an easier way to cut straight to the highlights. hasan 15m has distilled the film down to just these sequences, and the result is an eight and a half minute action fest. The order has also been redone to create a new narrative, although some bits could be considered out of place and that's a wacky thumbnail graphic. (2018-07-21)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Pompei Man

You know what they say, you're either an earthworm or a Wild Eagle... (2018-07-20)

More Secret Ops Updates Coming

DefianceIndustries has announced the release date for the next big update to the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. The new version will make its debut at the CIC 20th Birthday Party on Saturday, August 18! This should include the grand revamp of the TCS Midway, which we're all anxious to see. (2018-07-19)

Universe Map Origins Revealed in "Wing 5" Progression Map

Here's a peek at an interesting prototype of the Wing Commander Universe Map included with Wing Commander Prophecy. We first caught a glimpse of this during our 2012 trip to the University of Texas archive. While the final map detailed many sectors where most of the main events happened in the series, this appears to be a little snippet that just traces through the events of WCP. (2018-07-18)

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