Any Word from Angel? Update ID

None. Oh, wait, there is some - uk40 has tracked down Yolonda Jilot, the woman who played Angel in Wing Commander III! After a short career in films in the United States (which included Wing Commander III and JFK: Reckless Youth), she worked on interview and documentary projects. She's now part of an theatre group called Euro Theatre in Brussels... so start heading for Belgium! A short biography is available here (in French).

The Art of Wing Commander Arena - Part Thirty-Six Update ID

This is an attempt to create different gun and missile trails for the game, to better show off which weapon is being used at any particular time. These specific styles may not have made it to the finished game, but the spirit certainly did!

This is part of a series of beautiful Wing Commander Arena concept images graciously provided by Gaia Industries. You can find the original article here. You can thank the guys at Gaia by picking up Street Trace NYC on Xbox Live Arcade!

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