Sean Murphy For The Win! Update ID

Sean Murphy is home from his bike ride! Here's what he has to say:
The ride went great; we got in yesterday [Sunday] afternoon/evening. My son did an awesome job - he rode every inch of the 173 miles without walking his bike or riding the support van once.

I'm working on a blog with some photos from the ride and I'll send you the link once that's up. I'll also get you a total on the donations from CIC. I hope to start on the wallpapers this week, so I should start sending stuff to you guys soon!

Great job! And thanks to all Wing Commander fans who donated money, it sounds like you did some good -- and that you've earned us some wallpapers! There's no rush on that, though - I get tired walking across the street in Austin, I can't imagine how tired someone would be after biking 173 miles. The good news is that even though the ride is over, we can still donate money to the cause! For more details on the program, read our original article here... or you can donate money through this link (remember to add an extra cent to the total so he knows it's from a Wing Commander fan!)

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