Holding The Line Chapter 208 Update ID

Just over a month since the grand opening of HoldingTheLine.net and the project's seven year anniversary, the HTL site has received its first new chapter. It has been a little while since the previous chapter, but I'll let Raptor explain the reasons behind the delay.
Hey all, Raptor here

I realise that it's been a good long while since we last had an HTL chapter published. There are a lot of reasons for the hiatus, but the main one is that the work on Holding The Line Dot Net was taking up most of the spare time I normally spend on editing chapters and co-ordinating the storyline. Now that the site is up though, normal service can resume. We've got a couple of major storylines coming your way as we wrap up the battle, starting with this tale, and followed by the sequel to Check And Mate. Speaking of Holding The Line Dot Net, the first major update will be unveiled very soon.

Several of our past stories in the Finale series have hinted that the Auriga group has been fighting the deadliest ship in the Nephilim fleet, a Kraken ship killer. Now, you get to read that story in a great four parter created by the Forge writers. Enjoy.

Long time fans of the Valley Forge group will know of their talent for writing epic storylines, and this one is no exception. It starts way back on the on the 18th, shortly after the fleet jumps in the Nifelhiem system, and continues on till it tracks alongside Check And Mate late on the 19th.

The story is at: http://www.holdingtheline.net/ch208.htm

Best, Raptor

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