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There have been a few questions lately about the special promotional cards for the Wing Commander Customizable Card Game. Both cards had fancier designs and were more powerful when used in the game. Many collectors have never seen them before, so we've scanned them next to their counterparts below. The "Wing Commander - Heart of the Tiger" card was used at GenCon 1995 to promote the CCG's release. Mark Hamill attended the event and there are a number of autographed copies in circulation because of this. It's a slight upgrade from the regular Blair available in the set. A smaller number of the Admiral Tolwyn promos were included with some copies of the Wing Commander 4 game's first print run. Since a WC4 Expansion never panned out, this card is the only one to feature non-WC3 ships in its artwork. It functions completely differently from the regular Tolwyn by directly influencing fighters in flight. These days it's getting to be difficult to collect the WC CCG, but you can learn more about it here.

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