New Tiger's Claw Design Incorporates It All Update ID

There's a new Bengal in the works. Lars is attempting to merge elements from different Tiger's Claw resources to create a unified interpretation of the famous strike carrier. He began with the Wing Commander 1 version of the Claw and is now modifying it to reflect information gathered from the Wing Commander Movie and Academy. Since the initial rendering, the armor plating has been improved and windows have been added to the sides. Fighter launch ports and torpedo tubes have also been recently implemented.

I am mostly searching for some kind of examples for the armor plating and other details. I have made a simple render and done some rough sketches with Photoshop for some of the ideas I had... still very basic.
I like how from the perspective from the far side of the flight deck seems to be from WC1, but standing on the inside runway reminds me of a scene from the movie.

Tolwyn Interfaces With WC Saga Update ID

A key part of any Wing Commander mod is to get the designs right, and the way players interact outside the cockpit is just as important as how fighter craft handle in space. A WC mod with a Freespace scheme would detract from the atmosphere, but Tolwyn has addressed this by redesigning Freespace 2's interface for the WC Saga project. He's released an example shot to demonstrate this.
The overriding design goal for the new UI was to deliver an interface that makes it easier for people to believe that they are aboard a Confederation carrier. With this goal in mind, gevatter Lars developed several new concepts, of which we have been working hard to integrate into the new UI.
If you look closely at the list of ships, you can see that one of the names has been blanked out. Maybe there's a surprise in store later on.

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