A New Perspective On The Concordia Flight Deck Update ID

Marc has created another sharp flight deck mock-up. This one is based upon the Confederation Class Dreadnought's primary hangar bay as seen aboard the TCS Concordia. He's analyzed the design with a number of reference shots and provided photos of it from different angles. The deck even comes complete with a busy batch of fighters.

I'm constantly doing research and trying new stuff on the Tarawa's flight deck, improving details, adding new things, and adjusting colors. I sometimes model existing game flight decks to get the feel of it. One thing about this FD, there's a serious lack of doors. Another thing is the numbered squares on the deck. For a long time, I thought there where four of them. But I reviewed some reference material provided by a kind spirit, and to the best of my knowlege, square number one just isn't there.

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