Run Standoff & Secret Ops In Linux Update ID

HellcatV has come up with a way to play Secret Ops and the Standoff mod in Lunix. You'll need the WINE emulator, a modified file he's created and his walkthrough.

I have hacked together a working solution to run 3d accelerated Standoff and Secret Ops using only free and redistributable software, specifically under Linux through a hacked version of WINE and no Microsoft system in reach. This guarantees that no matter what changes behind Microsoft's back, there will always be a means to run the Vision engine using new operating systems. This also means that a 3d accelerated Macintosh version of Wing Commander Prophecy will be forthcoming as soon as Apple releases their x86 systems next year.

Linux users may receive step-by-step instructions to run Standoff here.

I've played through the first mission of Standoff Ep2 and all the Standoff Ep1 missions under linux and have had 0 crashes. The only glitches I've encountered are as follows:
Ingame 3d cutscenes (not inflight) are sometimes drawn backwards.
If you have not locked a target, only ships in front of you appear on radar. This is remedied by 'L', but I rather like it.

Recent Updates

It's Not Faith, It's Space Combat

Fans of the Wing Commander Movie's large battles and CGI now have an easier way to cut straight to the highlights. hasan 15m has distilled the film down to just these sequences, and the result is an eight and a half minute action fest. The order has also been redone to create a new narrative, although some bits could be considered out of place and that's a wacky thumbnail graphic. (2018-07-21)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Pompei Man

You know what they say, you're either an earthworm or a Wild Eagle... (2018-07-20)

More Secret Ops Updates Coming

DefianceIndustries has announced the release date for the next big update to the Secret Ops Model Upgrade Pack. The new version will make its debut at the CIC 20th Birthday Party on Saturday, August 18! This should include the grand revamp of the TCS Midway, which we're all anxious to see. (2018-07-19)

Universe Map Origins Revealed in "Wing 5" Progression Map

Here's a peek at an interesting prototype of the Wing Commander Universe Map included with Wing Commander Prophecy. We first caught a glimpse of this during our 2012 trip to the University of Texas archive. While the final map detailed many sectors where most of the main events happened in the series, this appears to be a little snippet that just traces through the events of WCP. (2018-07-18)

One Month To Party Time!

Today we'd like to officially announce our annual Birthday Party for the CIC's 20th Anniversary! This year we'll be observing the event on Saturday, August 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm EDT (4:00 pm PDT and 11:00 pm GMT). We'll be celebrating two decades of Wing Commander community at wcnews. (2018-07-17)

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