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The site created to sell the Privateer Online concept went through more than one incarnation.. there was also one which borrowed the ICIS style from the official Wing Commander Prophecy site. This new ICIS version of the site is a fair bit larger than the one we showed you two days ago, but it does lack that fun spinning Origin cube. You can see version 2 of the site here.

New Fan Fiction Begins Update ID

Forums member Dahan has posted the first chapters of 2628 - An officer's beginning to the Fan Fiction board.
There was the Pilgrim conflict, the first Kilrathi War, then the Border Worlds and Black Lance Crisis, then the Second Kilrathi War and the war with the Nephilim. I take you back before it all began, before it all happen just before the first war occurred. Five years before the Battle of McAuliffe there was an internal threat which threatens to destabilise the Confederation from within. A criminal syndicate known as the Mari-ad which has been causing much strife within Confed space for the last 20 years has force the government to take drastic action against the criminal organisation. This is the story of a young officer who is dragged into the conflict just prior to the first Kilrathi war.

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