In The Picture: Wing Commander III Lost Scenes Update ID

Between our Files and Music sections we've collected nearly ten gigabytes of Wing Commander downloads here at the CIC. The really interesting things can get lost in the crowd, so from time to time we're going to put something in the spotlight.

A number of movie clips were cut from the PC edition of Wing Commander III for a variety of reasons. The in-game interface for the TCN Newsbriefs was not finished and there were disc space constraints. Wing Commander 3 was produced on the first generation "60 minute" CD-ROMs. It was not until Wing Commander 4 or the console ports of WC3 that the more standard 650 megabyte/74 minute discs were used. Fortunately people have been able to recover the "lost" scenes that were later added back to the PlayStation and 3DO ports.

Last year Tolwyn made high quality DivX files of a dozen movie clips. Many more are available as older, medium quality DivX files. You can mix and match from these two sets, available from our WC3 section under Extra Scenes.

Recent Updates

French Promotional Booklet Beautifully Highlights Wing Commander

Mail call! Here’s a wonderful press booklet from the Wing Commander movie’s French distributor, United International Pictures. 32 pages and about the size of Claw Marks! (2018-07-16)

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: American Chopper

Who knew the Admiral was so ripped? (2018-07-15)

Wing Commander Jazz Album Marches On

Following up on his recent release of the jazz and bar music digital recordings, veteran video game composer George Oldziey has sent out three more updates to his backers. George has exported the sheet music for several tracks from volume 2 of the orchestral project to video format. You can follow the score as the music notation is played back through the Sibelious sound fonts. (2018-07-14)

Origin Veteran's Postmortems Book Now Available on Paperback

Former Origin veteran Raph Koster recently published a new book titled Postmortems: Selected Essays Volume One. Available first in digital formats, you can now also get the hefty, 702 page paperback edition. Mr. (2018-07-13)

Decipher SciFi Discusses Wing Commander

Back in 2016, the Decipher SciFi podcast devoted an entire episode to the Wing Commander movie. The show starts off with an overview of the Wing Commander computer game series with a focus on Wing Commander 3 as a revolutionary interactive movie and the ever increasing production values and development budget up to Wing Commander 4. The show runners are all familiar with the franchise, having played the originals back in the 1990s on DOS PC or Amiga, and they even went to see the film when it was playing in theaters. (2018-07-12)

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