Time To Claim Party Prizes Update ID

The party was a huge success and a lot of fun. We had to restart the server this morning, so if you were dropped from #Wingnut, it's now safe to come back. We held a variety of random drawings, trivia contests and scavenger hunts on Wednesday night. The winners are listed below. Each person should email us with your party name, prize won and complete mailing name/address. If you won a wearable item, include a size. In the past we've gotten a couple requests for items to be autographed by the CIC staff, so we can probably do that too if you want.
  • Game Boy & Prophecy Advance - TheFraix
  • CIC Polo Shirt - Quarto
  • CIC Eisen Shirt - CFF
  • CIC Hat - AdmiralHuang
  • CIC Glass - GokuZFH123, Shades, BrynS (->Popsicle Pete), MonsterFurby, Darkpetzi
  • CIC Playing Cards - LazyPanda
  • CIC Prophecy Style Flight Suit - PopsiclePete
  • WC4 DVD - Wedge (->Quarto)
  • WC Action Figures (one pair) - Vinco
  • WC Movie Poster - Fraix
  • WC Movie DVD - CasperXJ
  • WC Movie Press Kit - Fatcat
  • WC Movie Sound Track - MajorStriker
  • WC Novel (submit 1st & 2nd preference) - Fearlessleader, DMJC, Greywolf, Worf
  • $25 Prize donated by BLHQ - Climber (buying shirt)
  • Confed Patches donated by BLHQ - Vinman
If you had your heart set on a CIC item, most of them are still for sale in our Merchandise Store. Prize winners who wish to purchase something can reduce shipping costs as well.

There were a few prizes from last year that had no addresses submitted, were returned to sender or had some other issue. Email us now if you'd like to clear that up.

Big Event Registered Update ID

At around 7:00 pm Eastern Time, the server monitoring software registered what appeared to be every Wingnut hitting the refresh button and downloading Standoff. So far some 400 people have downloaded either Episode 2 or the package that combines Episodes 1 and 2 from our server. With over fifty images displayed, our front page will take a while to load if you are on dial-up. Please bear with us, and remember that things could always be worse. 1 We'll post the party log and get back to regular updates tomorrow.

1 Lancers Reactor does not load well using Opera, Firefox, Netscape or Internet Explorer.

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