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BradMick reports that the latest version of the FreeDO emulator is capable of running the 3DO version of Super Wing Commander! There are still some problems: Since 3DO BIOS files are not available as legitimate downloads, erstwhile players will have to provide their own. Brad has also encountered some unfortunate graphical glitches - see the third screenshot! (For comparison, Brad is running the game on a 3.4 GHz Pentium IV). Good luck! Users who encounter problems with ASPI errors can solve them using the Force ASPI utility available here.

Concordias in Harmony Update ID

Cadet Tolwyn flew missions off the Concordia-class TCS Concordia during the McAuliffe Ambush... it blew up, but twenty years later Tolwyn was a Commodore commanding a battlegroup onboard another Concordia-class TCS Concordia. Then a few years later he personally took command of... the TCS Concordia (CVS-65) - flagship of the 14th Fleet. Confused? That's why we've updated and organized a Concordia FAQ for your reference! Impress your family and friends by being able to differentiate the histories, specifications and backgrounds of three different TCS Concordias.

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