Red Point Project Promises Many Missions Update ID

Here's a new project recently announced by one of the Standoff team members. The mod is still in the early stages so there are no screenshots yet, but already has a partial plot written and is promising a massive 64 missions, which will apparently be spread across an introduction and two episodes with a total of eight chapters. With such an ambitious target, it is likely to be some time before we see a full release, particularly as getting missions written seems to be the biggest problem for many of the current projects. Regardless, we wish Red Point luck and look forward to seeing where there project goes. You can find the project's official site here (Spanish) and you can find a rough English translation here. There is also a thread where you can post your thoughts.

A Glitch In The Matrix Update ID

Some people are having a hard time connecting to the CIC today. Our provider is having some routing issues that are affecting some (but not all) of the traffic to and from the server. Pages may take longer than usual to load and downloads may get interrupted. Be sure to use a download manager. Hopefully everything will clear up soon.

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