Zohrath Finishes Fralthi II Update ID

Zohrath has wrapped up the Fralthi II Cruiser design that he has been working on this year. The final version is pretty great. He originally started showing off the model in February and will be moving on to the Excalibur next.

Wouldn't you love to have that as a giant painting on your wall? You can download the model here or here. Check out Zohrath's 3D site to find more.

Raylight Announces Smashing Drive Advance Update ID

Prophecy Advance developer Raylight has announced their next game, Smashing Drive for the GBA. The game began as an arcade driving game by Namco and was ported to the XBox and GameCube a couple years back. By utilizing Raylight's revolutionary 3D talents, Smashing Drive will be the first GBA game to full 3D environments and cars working together. The cars will model realistic damage, and the items in the cities will be manipulated as you drive through them. If you're unfamiliar with the series, it's sort of a hyped up Crazy Taxi crossed with Wreckless.
You're in the cab and have to deliver passengers all around New York City, using all kinds of daring driving maneuvers and assorted power-ups. You compete against an AI driver or a buddy. So you may be racing to reach Little Italy or Wall Street and other cool areas in NYC. To help you in the traffic that can be found on the streets, there are several power-ups along the way. The power-ups include the Cutter, Sonic Blast, Glider, Turbo, 4x4, Repair and Crash. There are also shortcuts along the way to add more fun to the experience. Most of the time you will need to use shortcuts to find the cool power-ups and you'll need certain power-ups to access certain shortcuts.
The game supports two person multiplayer. It should be another great technological benchmark for the Game Boy and a lot of fun. The game is tentatively set to be released around September, though an exact time is not yet set.

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