WC Saga Gets A Dubav Update ID

The people behind WC Saga have been busy in their shipyards. Next up on their list of ships to be included in the mod is the Dubav class light carrier. Never heard of it? Well, it's somewhat rare as I'll let Tolwyn explain.
This next ship on the line is the Kilrathi Dubav-class light carrier, a warship that was cut from Wing Commander 3. We were able to find it in the “Making of WC3” CD-ROM that Origin released with its first official WC3 guide. Psych was also able to prove this carrier’s existence through Victory Streak and False Colors. For the time being, we named this carrier class the “Dubav” as a tribute to the False Colors novels, in which the light escort carrier Dubav was Lord Ragark’s flagship. We intend for this ship made to be that warship.

Armament is six Laser Turrets and a torpedo launcher. As this is a carrier, its fighter complement is 40 combat spacecraft (five 8-ship combat squadrons) and a support squadron of 8 Naktarg shuttles. Length is still being debated but we’re guessing to be around 600-ish meters.

This above picture is the exact picture as seen from the Making of WC3 CD-ROM. The below pictures are the new model themselves.

You can discuss this design at Crius.net here.

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